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and I'm home

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With two hearts rusting together,
in a world without sound; what do you see?
I'm searching for the face who will say "see you again,"
I'll just be doing it over and over again.

If you would only notice that right there;
was a figure from behind crying all on its own.

It was a rough place, and a lonely one,
but we joined our hands.

No matter how many times you feel that way,
there will always be warmth here.
Even if it was a mistake, I don't care, I'll always be by your side.
With the sound of tears and the looks of a sigh,
I'm sure this is where we are now.

A jestful everyday life;
I want to see it, I want to see it, that future.




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When I was younger I felt like a different girl from my peers. I could not integrate with most of them because I had a rather extravagant mentality and interests. For this I was often teased, especially by boys. I felt ugly, stupid and empty. I've always loved anime, I liked to build an imaginary world in my mind where I was like the protagonists of my favorite cartoons, and this helped me to feel a bit stronger and more loved. Then I discovered cosplay. Doing cosplay I could at last wear the clothes of my heroines even in the real world, and perfectly immerse myself in them. This awareness made me a bit stronger. Always thanks to the scope of cosplay I had the opportunity to meet amazing people who shared my same interests and so they could understand me better. When people see me in cosplay, they recognize my character and congratulate me, I gain more and more respect and trust in myself. Cosplay has really changed my life and made me the person I am today. For this, everytime I do cosplay and play a character, I always try to do my very best! :heart: (like no one ever was... XD)

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:bulletred: Anime & Manga :bulletred:

~ After School Nightmare
~ Aquarion EVOL
~ Baka To Test To Shokanjuu
~ Battle Royale
~ Brother X Brother
~ Clannad
~ Code Geass
~ Death Note
~ Deep Love
~ Dragonball
~ Durarara!!
~ Gantz
~ Gintama
~ Guilty Crown
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~ Magi - The Labyrinth of Magic
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~ Mayo Chiki!
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Journal Entry: Fri Feb 22, 2013, 8:55 AM

Yayyy, this is the first time I write on my journal, isn't it electriying? (ctz.)

The skin image has been edited by my dear friend :iconyamatotaichou: and the anime from which it has been taken is Mawaru Penguindrum! Actually I'm really fixed on it! *_* I ended up to watching it recently, and I loved it so much _ (even if from different points of view the story is really mindfucking aaahhhh)
Now they are broadcasting it in Italy, my country, and I have to say I prefer the Italian voice actors instead of the Japanese ones. owo Sanetoshi's Italian voice is so electrifying, dayo ne? *ovaries boom :Q___
I love so much Sanetoshi, he's a character so hypnotizing, mesmerizing a futuristic lover! (ahahah I edited an amv about him with the song E.T. by Katy Perry XD…

:iconsanetoshiplz: :iconsaysplz: Bitch pls, I'm fabulous max :heart:

and I ship him so hard with Momoka, she's so badass! *__* How can she refuse Sanetoshi's love?? D: *Leeeeesbian
they're such an amazing duo, so I couldn't resist and I had a pillow built with an picture of them, isn't it fabulous max? *noseblood (BUT I WANTED A DAKIMAKURA AA it doesn't even exist action figures of Momoka and Sanetoshi, what a cruel fate T_T but how many useless action figures characters on the market as Hare from Guilty Crown, Why God) however at the meanwhile at the Fumettopoli I could find an awesome Princess of the Crystal action figure, and she cost only 24 ! *_* I couldn't resist and I bought it 'cause I become a Mawaru Penguinfag and my Himari was too fabulous max (and now I'm poor ahahah. ah. BUT I DON'T HAVE ANY REGRETS!123)

BTW another pair I love so much is ShoumaXRingo. I think Ringo is the most human character in all the anime, and I don't understand why so many people hate her D: I find myself a lot in her, and I can say that I more or less lived sentimental moments like hers XD (destiny?)
So I must say thanks to her if I understood life is not all happy encounters. There are many painful, sad moments. It's hard to accept that misfortunes beyond your control are fate. But this is what I think: sad and painful things definitely happen for a reason. Nothing in this world is pointless.
At the end I believe watching Mawaru could change you a little the way you consider things, it helps more to believe in destiny.
Anyway, all the characters of Mawaru are fabulous max, I would like to do cosplay of them all, even Shouma's friend without face AHAHAH HE'S MY IDOL (pls, stahp me)

I'm looking forward to cosplay Princess of the Crystal with :iconkinocchi: my smexy Sanetoshi == and maybe at Romics I'll do her again with my loving brothers :heart: (:iconyamatotaichou: as Kanba and :iconginga-bishounen: as Shouma)

(oh yeah, a friend of mine made a fabulous max draw about Sanetoshi with me and :iconkinocchi:
Shibireru darou? by F-81 *fangirlin)

Talking about others anime recently I'm not watching anything new because the anime that came out lately are really disappointing me D: the only ones I'm following are Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic (even if there is no comparison with the manga, and I have to say that many things have really discouraged me, for example some seiyuu) and Amensia (a shameless copy of Uta no Prince-Sama, I think XD but the outfits of the various characters are really cool!)

Another anime I saw recently was Tales of Symphonia (even if more than an anime they are a lot of OAV taken by the videogame XD)
Anyway I loved the plot very much, maybe even more than Tales of the Abyss *_* unfortunately none of the female characters has impressed me to the point of doing cosplay, but on the other hand I love quite all the male characters, particularly Kratos Aurion :Q___ *DILFDILFDILF *JUDGMENT (?)
And if :iconyamatotaichou: would like to cosplay him for me I think at the point I could cosplay Colette or Martel *w* ( Anna, why y u have not a face? DDD: )
Oh, and sooner or later I must decide to go on watching Bakemonogatari!

Ok, I think I'm going to finish XD And now my cosplay plans! *D*

Cartoomics - (Saturday) Stocking Angel with :iconsacchanina: as Panty *D* and maybe with Pally as Brief, the lovely geek boy XD
(Sunday) Simone Aragon alias Secretary from Star Driver always with Sacchanina as Lady Kanako :heart: then :iconginga-bishounen: as Takashi Dai (broom little servant, broom!) and :icongixye: as Takuto, the GINGA BISHOUNEN *kiraboshi

Novegro Comics (Saturday) it's sure I'll do cosplay with :iconyamatotaichou: but at the moment we don't know whether cosplaying Ezreal and Ahri (honestly I can't stand lol, but Ahri is so amazing, I have been discovering her for more than a year and I'd like to cosplay her ;_; and then I know Yamato would really love to cosplay Ezreal, and I'm not going to let him alone *overlyattached XDDD) or alternatively we projected to cosplay Altaria and Flygon in Gijinka ver. *DD*
(Sunday) absolutely the Princess of the Crystal with :iconkinocchi: as the awesome Sanetoshi :Q___ Kinetoshi-kun :heart:
At the moment it's the cosplay I'm tied the most, I can't wait to go on the stage and do the performance we organized! *_* SEIZON SENRYAKUUUUUU STAR SWODO SAPHIIIIIIIIIIIRUUUUU (no, wait--)

And then I would like with all my soul if I had the chance to go to Modena Comics, because I heard that will take part Elffi Cosplay and above all the mythical Calssara [ :iconcalssara: ] *__* *fangasm over ninethousand
She's my idol! W and she seems to be a very friendly person *w* it would be a dream if I could meet her, and shake her hand, and maybe take a photo with her, and and *feels like JD loool
Anyway if I had to go there maybe I would cosplay Penelo from Final Fantasy XII with :iconyamatotaichou: as Balthier, and then I'm undecided among Ringo Oginome from Mawaru Penguindrum, Nia Antispiral from Gurren Lagann, Asagi Asuka from Prism Nana in sailor fuku or maybe Mayushii from Steins Gate boh, anyway everything is a great question mark XD
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention my loving Uta no Prince-Sama group! ** We brought it after a year at Novegro Comics, this time in Debut version, we went on the stage and our Haruka has also won a special prize! Here's our performance:…
(unfortunately they hadn't already upload it on youtube, at the moment there is only the final scene:… UTA NO DIRECTION-SAMA *dies)

And at the end I could take some beautiful photos with my Sayaka cosplay together with my lovely Kyoko, and our Kyousuke, (not the real one, I mean Male!Kyoko XD) and Sayato? (?) anyway Male!Sayaka LOOOL
Thanks again to :icondizzymonogatari: who's a great photographer, and always kind and helpful :heart:
sooner or later I'll upload them, at the moment I have this, one of my favourite: And I'm Home by LauMao AAAHHHH OH MY GODOKA I'M GOING TO CRY I LOVE SO MUCH THIS PAIR :iconsayakamikiplz: X :iconkyoukosakuraplz: *otpotpotp *fangasm

JA NE *A*/

Graphics by tyleramato
CSS by moonfreak



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